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Electroacoustical Poetical Society

Electroacoustical Poetical Society is the invention of Marjorie Van Halteren to promote the magic that words, voices, languages, instruments, noises and all manner of sounds make together, live and recorded, written improvised or dreamed - in defiance of genres and categories. The podcast offerings include new compostions as well as the original That Tuesday events, podcast since 2014. Collaborations welcome. Contact:

Oct 27, 2014

Episode of That Tuesday recorded before a live audience at Art Connexion Lille France. Hugo Kostrzewa is a musician (guitar, objects, ipad)  and sound and visual artist. He wrote the That Tuesday theme music and has worked with Marjorie on Giants On Vacation and other performance projects. They talk about their shared obsessions: language, American food delights, subtle noises and the mysteries of blank tape cassettes. 

Hugo's web site