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Electroacoustical Poetical Society

Electroacoustical Poetical Society is the invention of Marjorie Van Halteren to promote the magic that words, voices, languages, instruments, noises and all manner of sounds make together, live and recorded, written improvised or dreamed - in defiance of genres and categories. The podcast offerings include new compostions as well as the original That Tuesday events, podcast since 2014. Collaborations welcome. Contact:

Jan 9, 2019

Audio art piece created over distances by Marjorie Van Halteren (France) and Brian Price (USA) for the That Tuesday podcast.

Mark Time Grandmaster Brian Price and his Great Northern Audio Theatre partner, Jerry Stearns, had a good year in 2017.  They won an APA Audie for their feature-length drama, IN THE EMBERS, and were awarded the Norman Corwin Award for a lifetime of Excellence in Audio Theatre.  Brian has written, directed and worked with audio theater groups across the country including Native Voices At the Autry, the Grist Mill, and the National Audio Theatre Festivals.  Most recently they released a live recording of his monologue, THE OLD CART WRANGLER’S SAGA, featuring David Ossman available on He first met Marjorie in 1987 when he was thrown into the shallow end of the pool to create sound effects for a play neither of them can recall—but they are sure it was a lot of fun.